Meet the Staff

Formal introduction aside, here’s a quick reference guide of some of our academic programs staff and interns that may contribute to this blog.

My name is Katie Kutzli – I’m the Administrative Intern and the one currently writing to you. If you visit campus, you’ll most likely find me in reception. I can set you up with coffee tours, ziplining, hikes…and also the keys to your room.



Top left: Rachel Warnick, Seattle, WA; Top center: Sam Burke, Toronto, Ontario; Top right: Luke Bower, Blythewood, SC; Bottom left: Jen Jung, Guelph, Ontario;
Bottom right: Alexa Stickel, Miami, FL.

Above you’ll see our Resident Naturalists. These guys guide hikes on our trails and other nature based activities – you’ll get to know them pretty well during a stay here! Each has a strong foundation in biology/ecology and can provide a wealth of information on the local flora and fauna. This is an internship position that lasts a minimum of six months, so every once in a while you may see a new face on staff.

Eduardo Venegas is our Reservations and Logistics coordinator.
If you send a reservation request via email or through our Web site, he’s the guy you’re talking to! He grew up in Monteverde so he’s also an excellent resource for finding your way around town.


Lindsay Stallcup is our Academic Programs Manager. She makes sure that you have an exceptional visit and gives you the opportunity to learn a lot along the way! Lindsay has been working with UGA Costa Rica in some capacity since 2003 and is also very knowledgeable about the local landscape and culture.

I’ll slow down on the introductions for now – we have about 30 other folks on staff as well! You can find a brief bio of a few of them here.

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