The week of 100 high school students…a success story!

We recently hosted 97 Costa Rican high school students for the first Lincoln School Fit4Earth: Ninth Grade Biodiversity Challenge…it was the largest group we’ve ever had on campus! The maxed-out reservation calendar made it seem a bit intimidating, but everything ran smoothly! We had a wonderfully productive and fun week and are looking forward to next year’s visit! Here are a few photo highlights:

A little on the program
The students kept busy with five full days of hands-on activities taught by both Lincoln School teachers and the UGA CR faculty and staff. The Biodiversity Challenge emerged as a partnership between the two institutions with the aim of developing an academically rigorous program that not only builds students’ skills across all disciplines but also promotes an authentic connection to science and nature. As an active biological research station settled in the rich, premontane humid forest of Costa Rica, the UGA CR campus provides an exceptional space for facilitating this connection. The Lincoln School teachers planned social activities every evening for their students.

More info on Lincoln School

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