Students from East Georgia College share hands-on experience with local children

Students from East Georgia College‘s 2011 study abroad program in Costa Rica are getting a hands-on experience here in San Luis. The program, which is in Costa Rica from June 14 to 27, focuses on service learning, Spanish, and digital photography.

Yesterday, the group donned their yellow team jerseys and made the trek over to the Upper San Luis Elementary School, where they shared activities with 20 children from grades 1 through 6.

To get things started, EGC students Blanca Rodriguez and Lacey Soares spearheaded an interactive puppet show to introduce the group and distribute a friendship bracelet and original sock puppet to each student. Sock puppets in place, everyone participated in lively renditions of “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” and “The hokey pokey.”

Outside, art and photography professor Desmal Purcell taught the students how to make an original photograph using contact print paper. Each student selected natural objects and placed them on the photo paper in order to make a unique piece of art. The photo is created with exposure to sunlight- luckily we had a bright, sunny morning! After two to five minutes of exposure to the sun, each student rushed his or her paper to the sink to run it under water for one minute. The colors and contrast will become deeper and more pronounced over the next 24 hours.

Today the students head to the Lower San Luis elementary school to share the activity with the 12 students there.

East Georgia College first came to UGA CR in 2010, with their first study abroad program. We’re thrilled to have them back this year for this longer program and hope to see them in 2012!

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