Paul’s Midpoint Update

Since my last post, my 3-month mark has come and gone, complete with a trip to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua that renewed my tourist visa.

Not a bad way to renew a visa

After the trip to Nicaragua, I was immediately thrust back into the thick of things – the time was early March, and US universities were on spring break. We received groups from Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, other states, and of course the University of Georgia! Plenty of natural history hikes, waterfall trips, and plant/insect classes to go around! I’m glad I’ve got Kestin and Rebekah sharing the load with me.

We are in a wonderful stretch of wildlife sightings. The resplendent quetzal has been spotted at the waterfall. The three-wattled bellbird has taken to calling from several places on campus. Nighthikes have provided myriad insects, several olingos, and some closeups of the tarantula who lives behind the administration building! Best of all though, I had my closest encounter with the white-faced capuchin monkeys! One ran down a branch towards me, perhaps thinking we were going to fight?

Also, we had the community baile, a dance that saw attendance around 200 people! It was a ball…

Sadly, I bought my ticket home for mid May. I hate thinking of leaving this wonderful place.


Resplendent Quetzal




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