Brought to you by Lexi Deagen

I have only been here for about a week and a half, but there are certain things I have begun to notice. First of all, there is nowhere in the world like this campus. I knew it would be incredible, but I was thinking in the sense of views and wildlife. But, UGACR is so much more than that.

First of all, I have come to realize that this isn’t just a place for UGA students and professors, it’s a place for any school to come to. Due to this, I have been able to connect with students from colleges such as North Carolina State, Kennesaw State, East Carolina, Lone Star College, and Fontbonne University. It’s not something I expected. The other day, I met two professors from Macon State College who were here checking out the campus to bring their kids in upcoming years. I asked what they thought, and they told me without a doubt that they were going to be coming.

I also listened to the interviews that UGA’s Photodocumentary program conducted. They were asking students and professors what their thoughts on the UGACR campus was, and I didn’t hear one bad thing. Students with all kinds of different majors can come to UGACR. I’ve met Romance Language, Mass Media Communications, Consumer Economics, Education, and Theater majors just to name a few. While listening to the interviews, I heard things like “the food is amazing” and “I’ve made so many new friends,” but the person who impacted me the most was the professor from NC State.

He was genuinely thankful that UGA opens up this facility to schools outside of the University System of Georgia. He’s completely right. Most schools don’t have the time and resources to build campuses in foreign countries, but UGACR opens it’s doors to everyone. They offer a fun and difficult learning environment that students, and even professors, can’t experience anywhere else in the world.

If you are a UGA affiliate, be proud of what your school is doing. They are bringing opportunities to so many people that would otherwise not be able to do anything like this. I am proud to say I’m apart of UGA and now, UGACR.Image

This picture is of student Taylor Chicoine being interviewed about his UGACR experience.

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