The end of Maymester.

Well, it’s the beginning of June, which means Maymester here at UGACR is winding down. Tons of students are leaving and going either to the beach or back the the United States. It’s hard to say goodbye to these wonderful people we have gotten to know. Each and every one is a joy to have on campus. 

Fortunately, we still have a group from Hendrix College with us for a few weeks! It’s been awesome getting to know them, and I am sure we will all continue to have a marvelous time. However, with not as many students here, it allows more time for the naturalists and interns to work on their personal projects. 

I, Lexi, am working on this blog as well as our new photo blog. Along with that, I am beginning to work on photographing medicinal plants in the area for a book that is being written. Molly is working on her 5th and 6th paintings for the on-campus Cabinas. Cameron has now identified 214 moths in the area, and has many more to identify (he is hoping to break 250 by the end of the week)! Naturalist Kestin is working on a geocache project around the campus area. 

These are only a few of the projects we have going on for the summer. As the opportunities for more projects present themselves, you better believe we will be on it! Until then, we will work on what we have and also continue to work with the groups that are coming and going. 

We can’t wait to meet more students, professors, AND tourists as they come through!


Intern Cameron takes a break from his normal moth work and helps pull microinvertebrates from river samples.


Intern Molly stands proudly with her first completed painting.

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