Chance of a lifetime.

This post was written by Summer 2012 Art Intern Molly Sproston

My name is Molly and I am currently an art intern at UGA Costa Rica. By some miracle, I received this amazing opportunity to live on campus and paint for six and a half weeks. I have already been here for three weeks, and I can’t believe how much I have learned. I’ve learned not only about the native wildlife and plants that I am painting, but also about the wonderful people and culture. Also I’m working hard at improving my Spanish! I am currently working on my sixth painting, and I hope to complete at least twelve paintings by the end of my stay. The paintings are going to be used to decorate the walls of the cabinas. The cabinas are where tourists to the Ecolodge San Luis and professors stay while visiting.

I have always wanted to visit Costa Rica, but never really had a chance. I love to paint, and when I heard that this opportunity was available, I couldn’t help but say yes. Before, when I thought about the UGACR program, I pictured study abroad programs, and only those from UGA. Now that I am here, it’s completely the opposite. There are all kinds of interns, doing more than just science based projects. And all kinds of schools study here including those from Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, other parts of Georgia, and more. 

All I can say is that it’s truly amazing that I am here this summer, and I cannot wait to learn more and experience the wonderful country of Costa Rica. I just hope that my art can truly express the beauty I’ve seen hidden in every corner of this country. 


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