New arrivals!

On Tuesday, the UGA International Studies group joined us in Costa Rica for a 6 week stay! Along with them came three more interns: Amy, April, and Anna (or Triple A). Everyone is settling in just fine and classes and new projects are in full swing!

April and Amy have joined us to work on the 2012 Sustainability report (the 2010 report is available online). And Anna is working on an Agriculture internship, beginning with helping to milk the cows everyday! I must say, the cows are fun co-workers here on campus.

The International Studies program offers several different classes to students. This year, however, the program is offering a Service Learning class. This class entails students working with different staffs on campus to further enrich their culture and language studies. Today, students split into pairs and worked with staffs from the kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance, and security. 

It will be awesome to see how both the intern’s projects and the service learning turns out. Don’t worry folks, we’ll keep you updated on everyone’s progress and events!

Pura vida! 

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