Sustaining the day away…

Blog post written by interns April Brown and Amy Wong.

Hola from San Luis!

My name is April Brown and I am one of two sustainability interns this summer. We are currently working on the 2012 Sustainability Report for the UGA Costa Rica campus. The Sustainability Report is used to show how the UGA Costa Rica campus is doing on its environmental efforts. We will be collecting and analyzing data about water, waste, and electricity usage on campus and then writing, laying out, and editing the report….

…and this is Amy Wong, the other sustainability intern! As April mentioned, we will be evaluating the usage of various resources on campus. There is a lot of new technology that UGA Costa Rica is implementing which is greatly reducing the campus’s carbon footprint since its opening in 2002. We also are looking into UGA Costa Rica’s efforts not only to operate sustainably, but also to promote economic and social sustainability within the community of San Luis. This report, published every two years, we can produce updated information that will help show the improvements that have been made with resource usage. Due to the vast amount of changes, April and I are working on a 10th anniversary theme in our report this year. In addition, we hope that our report can give suggestions for what can be changed in the future to help meet the campus’ goals that are currently set for 2015.

You can currently see the 2010 Sustainability Report here:

Don’t worry, we’ll check back in later. But for now, ¡hasta luego!

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