The beauty of nature.

Blog post written by Landscape Architecture intern Heather Blaikie.

ImageHey blog-readers,

I’m Heather Blaikie and I am the Landscape Architecture intern for Summer 2012 here on the UGACR campus!  I usually have to explain what Landscape Architecture is to people, so I’ll start with that. 

Landscape Architecture can be best described as the physical design, planning, and strategic arrangement of space, structures, plants, and other materials (such as stone, wood, water) to create outdoor environments for people.  These environments range from being completely natural (like a park reserve), to naturalistic (ponds and thematic gardens), to city plazas.

Obviously, there aren’t any plazas here on the campus, but it was designed and planned by several of the Landscape Architecture faculty at UGA.  My job here is to create and implement some gardens between the classrooms that will be educational and aesthetically pleasing for students and visitors. In the long run, these themed gardens will also provide enjoyable places for people to hang out at, study, or simply look at as they’re walking by.

There is a lot of work to be done such as digging out garden beds and trying to find the perfect plants to use.  When there is no plant nursery around, plant availability is pretty limited. This means I have to pull plants out of the wild and try to replant them in my garden. Once the plants are in the ground, keeping them alive is the next challenge.  It doesn’t always rain every day, so I can’t rely on the weather. And because of that, I have to monitor their progress carefully.

At the end of the summer, the campus will have a new rain garden pool, bat, bird, butterfly, and edible garden with signs that identify plants in order to help people learn a little bit more about this beautiful region and incredible country. 

I’ll keep you updated in the future, but for now…Pura Vida!



This is the pond garden that Heather is currently working on. 

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