San Luis…a special place to be

Post written by video intern Clara Nibbelink.Image
Clara takes time to video activities around campus.


Hey all!

This is Clara Nibbelink, the video intern here at the UGA Costa Rica campus. I’ve been in Costa Rica since May 22, when I traveled here with the GORP/Astronomy class to film everyone’s favorite student—Hairy Dawg—doing all the fun activities Costa Rica has to offer. I was able to get videos of Hairy ziplining, milking cows, bird-watching, dancing, (almost) surfing, doing yoga, and hanging out with all the children of San Luis de Monteverde. YOU try tying a camera to the waist of a giant dog with paws for hands before it sails at 40 mph down the zipline—it’s an unforgettably difficult experience.

Right now, I spend my days editing all the Hairy Dawg footage into several different videos and I spend my nights eating fried empanadas and watching dubbed-over Nicholas Cage movies with a four-year-old named Gustavo with my homestay family. It’s pretty much the life. I’ve also really enjoyed carting my camera around campus, cajoling the students and staff into doing interviews for me.

Once the videos are done, I’ll be moving on to Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, along the Pacific Coast, to take the Anthropology of Surfing and the Geography of Communities, Conservation, and Development class with UGA instructor Pete Brosius. I’m looking forward to seeing different parts of Costa Rica, but there’s no place quite like San Luis. After all, where else can you make a documentary in Spanish and English, ride on the back of a 17-year-old’s motorcycle on dirt roads to get to the grocery store, and see a cow being auctioned at sunset all in one day?

Exactly. No other place. Although I may be moving on to other parts of the country soon, San Luis will always hold a special place in my heart.


Clara working on her video footage of Hairy Dawg.

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