Service-learning with Northern Michigan University

A group of students studying “The Ecology and Eco-Tourism of Costa Rica” visited the UGACR campus from Northern Michigan University this week and participated in a reforestation service-learning project. They were accompanied by their professor, David Kronk, from NMU’s Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department.

The students met with Lucas Ramirez, a local UGACR staff member who specializes in plants, and resident naturalist Matt Carroll at the campus nursery. They helped to transfer tree species to different areas within the nursery and also helped to weed a variety of different plants. While it is not time for planting, which occurs during the rainy season, the maintenance of the nursery is crucial to the reforestation project.

Helping with the reforestation project allowed the students to work as a team in order to contribute to the maintenance of trees, thus helping to sustain the Three-wattled Bellbird Biological Corridor. They were able to actively learn about reforestation, what it means to the local community, and how it can contribute to eco-tourism in the region.

Thank you Northern Michigan University! ¡Pura vida!

Article and photos: Kristy L. Densmore, photojournalism intern

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