Building Fences with Landmark College

Two professors, Susan Frishberg and Jan Thompson, brought a group of students to the UGACR campus from Landmark College.

The students stayed for one week and were able to participate in a number of activities ranging from homestays with local families to ziplining in the forest canopies of Monteverde.

The Landmark group also took part in a one of a kind service-learning project. I went with the students to San Antonio, a small town down the mountain from San Luis. The students and their two professors helped construct a fence on a local farm as part of a reforestation effort to create new biological corridors in the region. Students lifted heavy logs, which soon became fence posts, and carried them across a steep hillside. After building up the pile of posts, they helped a number of locals dig holes and insert the posts along a string of barbed wire. The group successfully put up one section of fencing… definitely a huge help to those in San Antonio.

Article and photos: Kristy L. Densmore, photojournalism intern

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