Fun Fact Friday

You might be familiar with the story behind the national anthem of the United States. Most of us know that the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner” were written by Francis Scott Key. Key first wrote the words as a poem before they were later put to music and officially became our national anthem in 1931. (And I think we can all agree that it can be a bit difficult to sing when it comes time to hit the high notes.)

But how much do you know about Costa Rica’s national anthem?

Here are a few facts you may find interesting:

  • The story behind Costa Rica’s national anthem includes some important people visiting Costa Rica, the Director of Costa Rica’s National Army Orchestra being thrown in prison, and a public contest to choose the lyrics. You might want to read more about this story!
  • The music and lyrics for the national anthem became official in 1949.
  • Costa Rica’s national anthem is played daily at 7 a.m. on most, if not all, radio broadcasts.

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