Fun Fact Friday

Today is Costa Rica’s National Teacher’s Day! In honor of National Teacher’s Day, we’re sharing some facts about Costa Rican education. Here we go…

Schooling is free in Costa Rica and every student is required by law to receive general education from ages 6 to 13.

In Costa Rica, instead of elementary, middle and high school, they have primary school from kindergarten to 6th grade and secondary school from 7th to 11th grade. Graduation from 6th grade is almost as big as graduating high school would be here!

Most students attend school until the 11th grade, unless they are at a technical high school, in which case they receive an additional year of schooling. At a technical high school students decide on a professional emphasis, like a major. Upon graduating, they get a certificate in that “major” (in subjects such as eco-tourism, hospitality, carpentry, agriculture, plumbing, welding etc.) that they can use to secure a job. The technical school degrees offered at each school depend on the job market in the area. In the Monteverde area, the technical high school offers two “majors”: eco-tourism and hospitality.

Uniforms are compulsory at all public schools and are worn by students at most private schools as well. Public school uniforms are generally a white or light blue button down shirt with navy pants or skirt. The private schools usually have colored shirts with the school’s insignia.

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