Monday Top 5: UGA Costa Rica Videos

This week, we are showcasing some of our favorite videos made by our very own UGA CR folks. (There were many to choose from so don’t be surprised if you see a second edition of this post in the future.) And now, without further ado, here they are in no particular order…

1 – UGA Costa Rica: Carbon Offset Project, Dong Hyuk Kim (John Kim)*

*John Kim was a Runner Up in the 14th Annual IEW Photo & Video Contest sponsored by the UGA Office of International Education.

2- Costa Rica Ecological Forecasting Fall 2013 – NASA DEVELOP

3 – I Love Cheppe (San Jose), William Walker Harris*

*William Walker Harris was an Honorable Mention in the 14th Annual IEW Photo & Video Contest sponsored by the UGA Office of International Education.

4 – Hairy Dawg in Paradise, Matt Evans & Clara Nibbelink*

*Edited by Spenser Simrill.

5 – Can’t Stop (Flying with Captain Bill), Collin McNew*

*I would also highly suggest reading Collin’s blog post that goes with this video!

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