Wednesday Spotlight: Housing and Household Economics (HACE)

Still undecided about your plans this summer? How about traveling to places like San Jose and and ziplining in  Monteverde, Costa Rica? How about learning about management of household resources from a comparative international perspective? You can do all of this (and receive course credit!) through the Housing and Household Economics (HACE) program! This amazing program is led by Dr. Andrew Carswell, and he as taken the time to answer some of our questions to tell us what participating students can expect. So sit back and learn about the HACE program and apply before March 21st to spend your Maymester in Costa Rica!

What students can expect to learn:

The basics of housing (for the 3300 course).  These include things such as community development; the importance of neighborhoods; how to qualify, obtain and figure out a mortgage; the responsibilities of homeownership, a primer on the operations of multifamily/apartment housing.  The resource management class (3000 level) explores the family/household’s ability to manage household resources, both financial and labor, to ensure family success.

Difference between taking a course in Costa Rica and taking it at UGA:

For the 3000 course, studying in Costa Rica provides the unique opportunity to make cultural comparisons to better understand economic and social behavior.  In the 3300 course, some of the biggest differences from the UGA-based course is that we explore the issue of sustainable housing more; we study the differences between international housing and that in the U.S.  Finally, we also visit a second home/vacation home community that we do not address in the domestic version of the course.

Most enjoyable part of the program:

Getting the chance to interact with people form another culture in a user-friendly, mostly English-speaking environment (particularly on campus) reduces some of the sometimes uncomfortable aspects of visiting other countries.

Something you’d never done before going to Costa Rica:

Ziplining for sure!

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