Monday Top 5: Spring Break Highlights

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everybody! We just wrapped up one of our busiest weeks during the whole year — spring break! We had student groups come from all over the country to learn and take in the beauty of their surroundings. Here’s a list of some of the week’s highlights. 


1.) Saving the world, one tree at a time. One of our spring break programs focused on reforestation efforts in the Monteverde area. This group helped give our tree nursery a makeover that standardized beds for future research projects.

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2.) Catching your own dinner – Like everything else here, even dinner is a hands-on activity. Students had the chance to wade into the tilapia pond to catch their own fish. Students had to put on safety goggles before getting in the water because the tilapia can jump! And even for those not brave enough to get in the water, it was entertaining to watch.


3.) Brushing up on San Luis – Our visitors from Athens Academy gave a wonderful gift to the community of San Luis by spending the morning painting the fence around the cemetery. The area is maintained by volunteers and the effort spent to make it look its best was greatly appreciated!

4.) Watching the sun go down in paradise. Our front porch is always a great place to watch the sun set. And the few minutes before dinner is the perfect time to relax from an activity-packed day. Every sunset is different, but this one was so beautiful it had our guests scrambling to snap a photo before it disappeared.

Student Alexandria Desantis is ready for her ziplining adventure!
Student Alexandria Desantis is ready for her zip-lining adventure! Photo courtesy of Alexandria Desantis.

5.) Flying through the Cloud Forest. Well, not flying exactly. But gliding over the tops of trees on a wire is about as close as it gets. Going zip lining is a great way to get that thrill of flying as well as a new perspective on the cloud forest.

Text and photographs by Kathryn Ingall

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