Wednesday Spotlight: Front Porch of the Student Union

Although we think that our entire campus is incredible, it cannot be denied that some of our most cherished memories are on the front porch of the Student Union. It is a great central location; perfectly situated between the kitchen, front desk and library. It’s the ideal place to get some work done, hang out with your friends, or just sit and watch the sunset. There are some great UGACR 360 Degree Photos on our website of the Student Union both in the day and at night. As we spotlight some of our favorite things, feel free to comment with your own personal memories!

Student Union Panorama
The porch was hectic before Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years ago as everybody mingled and enjoyed the holiday spirit.

A popular thing about our Student Union is the gorgeous view from the porch that overlooks a splendid sunset each and every night. Every sunset is unique and beautiful, and we just can’t help taking pictures. Below are some of our favorites!

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The porch has great views during the day too!
The porch has great views during the day too!

Even local artist Jamie Calkin travelled down to Costa Rica to appreciate the beauty of the Student Union porch. We think he captured it perfectly, don’t you?

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In short, the front porch of the Student Union is the best place on campus to relax, do work, enjoy your morning coffee or your afternoon snack. When asked what his favorite memory of the Student Union was, 2013 student Parker Lovelace replied that “group game night definitely takes the cake,” and assured us that he would return one day to defend his title of “Front Porch Jenga Champion of the World”.

The porch of the Student Union is our favorite, because it is a place where students from all groups can join staff and visiting tourists to spend time together and enjoy the wonders of UGACR. Day or night the porch is the place to be.

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Let’s not forget that when you’re sitting on the UGACR porch drinking your coffee or watching the butterflies, that former President Laura Chinchilla once walked that same porch!


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