Monday Top 5: Helpful Study Abroad Websites

So you’ve been accepted to Study Abroad with UGA Costa Rica…. Now what? We know that preparing to go abroad can be extremely stressful and full of things that you are unsure about. This week we decided to focus on helpful websites that can help you with all kinds of potential study abroad worries. With these sites in your browser, you’ll have nothing to stress about for your upcoming trip!

International Studies Abroad (ISA) Tips:

ISA is one of our top resources for study abroad help. Their excellent  “:60 on Study Abroad” is an in-house web series that features ISA staff members detailing quick tips on study abroad. They have advice on “How to Stay Fit Abroad” and “How to Be a Vegetarian Abroad,” even “How to Unplug But Stay Connected” (our intern, Aurora, used that last one in her first-place Young Dawgs presentation).Our top 2 are their packing list videos for him and her. Some of the advice about adapters doesn’t work for us, ( in CR you don’t need an adapter) but for the most part the info is really great!

 US Passports:

To fly to Costa Rica you will first need a passport! A passport take 4-6 weeks to process, so it is important to plan in advance to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The process of getting a passport is relatively easy if you know where to go. You can get started with this link to the US State Department! Want another way that’s close to home? At the Tate Center UGA has a Passport Office. Check out this handy checklist and then go on in to apply for your passport!

Orientation Handbook:

Did you know that UGA CR has an Orientation Handbook? The Handbook has a lot of useful general info, but a lot of people like it for the Packing Checklist. Within the handbook there are lots of stellar packing tips and suggestions to help figure out what you will need. Even our veteran faculty who travel every year get out the ol’ handbook when it’s time to pack.

UGA Travel Center:

If travel abroad is in your future plans, your best local medical resource is the Travel Clinic at the UGA’s Health Center. The clinic offers travel health information and appropriate vaccinations to students, faculty, staff and the general public. They also offer many tips and resources on how to maintain your health while abroad.

Accepted Student Info:

Once accepted, don’t forget to check out the accepted student page on our website! It has lots of useful checklists and links. It even has a video of the Large Group Orientation from  April 5, 2014 in case you missed it! So check in to see if your program has a specific power point or calendar and make sure to check the top of the page for important things to take care of before your trip.


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