Wednesday Spotlight: Perezoso

Some of you who follow us on Instagram (if you don’t already you totally should) may have already seen some awesome pictures of our on-campus Rec Room called “Perezoso”. In Spanish, “Perezoso” can mean one of two things: as a noun it means “sloth” (the animal), and as an adjective it means “lazy”. It’s true that if you want to, Perezoso is a good place to study and relax, but more often than not, Perezoso is a place where students and staff will go to have fun and enjoy some time off. Below is a small sampling of some of the activities you will find in and around Perezoso. You can find a link to and awesome 360 degree photo of Perezoso here!

Our Instagram pics this week showed a stressful pingpong tournament of epic proportions! Whether you’re a champion or a novice, ping-pong is always a fun plan. Look out though! Our moth researcher, Philip Barnette, assures us that next time he’ll win the tourney hands-down!

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Anyone for a game of basketball? For those of you who are tired of getting schooled by the Ticos in soccer, might be interested in a pick-up game of basketball on the court behind Perezoso! A popular activity before dinner is to get in a game or two of 2-on-2 and work up an appetite. You might show up to eat a little sweaty, but at least you can say you had fun.

Bonus! The basketball court overlooks the volleyball field down the hill where you can often spot agouti or coati searching for a snack.


And if that’s not enough, you can always play a good ol’ game of foosball! This summer with the World Cup, there will doubtless be people battling it out for their favorite teams on a slightly smaller scale.


Anyone who has taken dance classes on campus can tell you that they are a blast! The dance lessons held in Perezoso are an essential part of almost every program. Students can learn the basic steps of Cumbia and Merengue and most importantly, have a lot of fun!

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Lastly, who doesn’t love to kick back by the fireplace with some s’mores after a long week? The fire may be a little difficult to start due to the general dampness of the country, but it’s so worth it in the end! Just take a look for yourself!

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