Happy Mother’s Day

Xenia Cruz Rodriguez and Lili Fuentes are one mother-daughter duo working on campus at UGA Costa Rica.

Happy Mother’s Day! August 15th is Mother’s Day in Costa Rica. Today is a national holiday and many people will spend the day celebrating their mothers. Here are a few mothers among our UGA Costa Rica staff. Today we hope they are honored and treasured for all their love and hard work!


“The most wonderful thing that God has given to me is being the mother of my three children.”

Amalia Rodriguez Delgado (Christian, 28; Susan, 21; Josue, 19)

“Being a mother is the best experience in life. Our children are the most wonderful thing to happen.”

Mabis Trejos Garro (Emily, 21; Luis Alonso, 18; Jose Andre, 16)


 “Being a mother is the biggest blessing. It is more beautiful than life.”

Lili Fuentes (Jose Pablo, 7)

“Being a mother is the greatest gift that God has given me, and being a mother of four girls makes me very happy.”

Xenia Cruz Rodriguez (Lidieth, 27; Karen, 22; Melissa, 20; Ericka, 17)

 “Being a mother means that I get to share in the joy of my daughter’s experiences. I wait, in awe, as she grows to become a wonderful woman.” 

Sandy Neps (Celia, 11)

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