Student Highlights

A few of our fall semester students have shared their favorite moments from this semester so far. Between hikes, chocolate tours, and home stays with local families, it is hard to pick just one great experience. 

Two students look at a tiny egg found on a hike to the San Luis aquifer.

When most students arrive, they are struck by the beauty and mystery of the natural environment surrounding campus. Julia Kim remembers one of the first nights after they arrived at UGA Costa Rica. They went on a night hike to experience the forest at night. “We were above a storm,” she said. “We could see the lighting below us and it was amazing.”

One of the most important parts of the study abroad experience is staying with a local family in a home stay. There they have the chance to practice their Spanish and experience daily life with a family from San Luis.

Bonding with a home stay family is often the first step of getting connected with the larger community. For Lindsey Roper, her favorite thing has been how much a part of the community the students have become. “When there was the big fundraising dance in lower San Luis, we had the chance to participate and be part of it.” Between playing bingo, dancing merengue, and bidding on auction items, the dance was a great experience.

And of course, one of the most special parts of the experience is the bond that students develop with each other. After spending so much time together in class, at meals, they naturally develop strong friendships. “I think my favorite thing is being with our group,” said Ally Pixler. “And my favorite time was when we went to get pizza with everyone down the road and we felt like a family.”

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