Who started UGACR’s Virtual Classroom Series?

This is Part 2 of a three-part series by Alex Wright on UGACR’s Virtual Classroom series. Click here to read Part 1.

A project like the Virtual Classroom series takes a lot of work. Kristy Densmore (former UGA Costa Rica photojournalism intern) should really take most of the credit for this project. She directed, produced, and filmed every Virtual Classroom video. She turned a crazy, labor-intensive idea into something we could all be proud of. Every video was written and dictated by a member of the UGA Costa Rica intern group, including Roxann Vistocci (former UGA Costa Rica naturalist), Katie Lutz (former UGA Costa Rica naturalist), Matt Carroll (former UGA Costa Rica naturalist), Alexa Stickel (former UGA Costa Rica naturalist), Marley Connor (former UGA Costa Rica water quality intern), and Phillip Barnette (former UGA Costa Rica moth intern). We have to thank both Kristy Densmore and Kathryn Ingall (both former UGA Costa Rica photojournalism interns) for film editing. We had invaluable guidance and insight from Sarah Ross (President and Director of the Wormsloe Institute), Dr. Kris Irwin (Senior Public Service Associate at the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at UGA), and Dr. Quint Newcomer (Director of UGA Costa Rica).

The videos were designed to be three separate segments following A Day in the Cloud Forest; with a morning hike, afternoon hike, and night hike. Today, we will look at the Afternoon Hike video segments.

Photo credit: Kristy L. Densmore.  Species: Cane toad (Rhinella marina; formerly Bufo marinus)
Alex Wright with a cane toad (Rhinella marina; formerly Bufo marinus)
Photo credit: Kristy L. Densmore.

About Alex Wright: Alex first visited UGA Costa Rica in 2011 as part of the Tropical Watershed Management program. He then returned in November 2012 as a Resident Naturalist at UGACR after completing his B.S. in Ecology at the University of Georgia. Alex worked as a naturalist on campus until December 2013. Currently, Alex is pursuing his Master of Science degree from the Warnell School at UGA as part of a collaborative research effort aiming to develop an adaptive landscape planning and decision framework to be implemented by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to make better state-wide land management decisions for the conservation of gopher tortoise populations.

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