Weekend Snapshot: Mar. 14-15

Last week, two UGA spring break groups celebrated the culmination of their week in Costa Rica with a homegrown, homemade, local dinner at Rancho de Lelo. The tour bus crawled along rocky slopes, weaving through the narrow roads of San Luis. Within twenty back-massaging, bumpy minutes the doors peeled open and music slipped through the cracks, lassoing ears and pulling students from their seats. Lelo himself greeted all in his open air dining hall. Futbol in hand, he beckoned students onto his field where they worked up a sweat before heading to the oval pond. Occasional quivers and ripples would dance across the surface; though in minutes the water would be alive with thrashing waves from fish and fishermen. After strapping on and securing science goggles, teams plunged into the water. Using a seine net, students splashed around with jumping fish, successfully catching their own tilapia dinner!
Blog contribution by Alex Fylypovych, UGA Costa Rica Photojournalism Intern

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