Humans of San Luis: Part II

Last week, we introduced you to a new ongoing series we are doing called Humans of San Luis. If you missed Part I, make sure you check it out to get a little background on the project inspired by Brandon Stanton’s, Humans of New York.

Maggie Smith, Ole Miss
Maggie Smith, Ole Miss

“Being thrown into a completely different climate, culture, and environment has really given me a lot of really rich descriptive experiences to draw from, to pull from, to expand upon creatively, and create stories from my own experience and also create fictions from this. This spring break trip is something that I will be pulling inspiration from for a long time to come.”

Abby Thorpe, Ole Miss
Abby Thorpe, Ole Miss

“This week has been, [deep exhale], it’s only been a week but it has felt really long, at least a month…I’ve never really felt so much harmony and happiness in one place and I don’t know if that’s because I’m on a mountain with all this green around me or these smiling people who care so much about each other, but it’s something that I’ve never experienced before and I don’t know where to find that in the U.S.”

Kendall McDonald, Ole Miss
Kendall McDonald, Ole Miss

“I think the first story I’m going to tell when I go home is probably going to be how within the first ten minutes of waking up at UGA Costa Rica we saw a coati on the front porch just ambling by and we totally thought it was so exotic so unusual. We thought that we were really lucky to get to see it. Then, just throughout the week, we’ve seen maybe five to ten coatis anywhere that we were. It’s funny how things that we see here that seem so new and unique to us are just a part of the fabric of this landscape. I mean even rainbows – we’ve seen maybe eight rainbows!”

Blog post contribution by Alex Fylypovych, UGA Costa Rica Photojournalism Intern

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