Humans of San Luis: Part III

Enjoy more of our new project – pinpointing what it is about Monteverde, Costa Rica that makes everyone’s hearts flutter. Check out Part I and Part II for more!

Michael Killian, Toronto, Canada
Michael Killian, Toronto, Canada

“One of the things that really stood out to me about the area, was that everyone that we talked to, everyone in the community, has the same set of values and is so proud and feels so lucky to live here. And their number one priority is to preserve this area, to pass on the information and to really cherish the wildlife that lives around here. That seemed to be everyone’s priority, living with the environment rather than against it or for self-serving reasons.”

Reena Killian, Toronto, Canada
Reena Killian, Toronto, Canada

“I’ve been interested in edible gardening and local sustainable food for a while. My mom is a nutritionist so we grew up eating organic food and then we made a switch from organic to local because it seemed to be more environmentally friendly and healthier. And I see that here – in such a big way – there’s such a beautiful, close loop between the garden, the farm, and the livestock and our eating in this dining hall. Everything feeds into everything else. And it’s on a small scale. It gave me hope that when I eventually get a house and get to have a farm that I can actually do it in a sustainable way without having a big impact on the environment. It gave me little bit of hope.”

Blog post contribution by Alex Fylypovych, UGA Costa Rica Photojournalism Intern

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