Weekend Snapshot: April 10-12

To the disengaged eye, the verdant forest may appear to be an impenetrable, thick, woven blanket flapping in the wind. Here’s a classic line for ya’ll: don’t judge a book by its cover. Rather, peel away the layers leaf by leaf, tree by tree, one twisting trail after another. If you befriend the Monteverde Cloud Forest, it will share it’s hidden treasures – and we have proof.

Located outside of our resident naturalist office, this white board is used to record wildlife sightings found crawling, calling, slithering or singing on campus grounds. You can certainly expect to see some interesting findings from those who have peeked under the emerald forest blanketing UGA Costa Rica’s campus, and can even add a sighting of your own! Take a look at what guests and naturalists have spotted during the month of April.

Wildlife sightings

Blog post contribution by Alex Fylypovych, UGA Costa Rica Photojournalism Intern

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