Weekend Snapshot: April 18-19

Shut your eyes for a moment and listen to the sounds around you. Music from your speakers? The hum of an air conditioner? A distant dog barking? Perhaps even wildlife chirping outside your window. That’s exactly our experience here on campus. One moment it’s the howling wind, the next it’s rustling branches or squeaking coatis. Concentrating on any one sound can be difficult – you can’t help but be overstimulated but the rich, lifting orchestra surrounding you. But each sound is incredibly melodic on it’s own, too. And we think each deserves a spotlight. This weekend we honed in on a particular sweet sound of the cloud forest and would like to share it with you!

Listen to the male and female calls of the Yellow-throated Euphonia, Euphonia hirundinacea who playfully fluttered around our grounds calling to one another. They are common in northern Pacific foothills and in northern central Caribbean lowlands, and inhabit forest edge and gardens.

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