Humans of San Luis: Part V

Sam & Sage

“We saw an iguana, crossing the road!”

“A coati, in the tree over there.”

“I saw three monkeys, down by the cabin!”

“They were running really fast.”

“And had big faces.”

“And we saw a quetzal!”

“And we saw a black cwano… wait how do you say? It’s a black turkey thing…”

Me: “A guan?”

“YEA a guan!”

“And we also saw a snake, it was really small, and what else did we see? Here we see tarantula and earwig and a lot of ants and tiny bugs and army ants and, what are those big ants called?”

“…Solider ants!”

“And ferns, and palm trees, and rocks!”

Like a number of flowers hidden along the curving trails of our campus, the Humans of San Luis project is starting to bloom! During my time here as the photojournalist, I am aiming to capture and share guest, intern, and local energy pertaining to UGA Costa Rica and this absolutely enchanting cloud forest. Check out the link for more enthusiastic interviews.

Blog post contribution by Alex Fylypovych, UGA Costa Rica Photojournalism Intern

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