Stars of Costa Rica

For days, weeks, and on some occasions even months, UGA Costa Rica is home to students studying abroad and majoring in you-name-it. Sure, in the forests surrounding our campus there are a plethora of silent slitherers, winged creatures, and four-legged forest dwellers, but today I’d like to highlight student diversity.

Although eager to share our knowledge of Costa Rica’s biodiversity, we’re equally thrilled to see students using their array of talents to capture the wonders of this cloud forest. The diversity of passion pouring from these budding artists, writers, doctors, ecologists, etc. is seemingly endless. Kind of like the night sky in this incredible video made by Jacob Denbrock, a Belmont film major. He’s just one example of the students inspired by this environment. Enjoy!

Blog contribution by Alex Fylypovych, UGA Costa Rica Photojournalism Intern

Video contribution by Jacob Denbrock, Belmont University study abroad student

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