Humans of San Luis

“Usually we cut stuff, bring it back to the lab, and then draw it. But here we’ve actually had the chance to go outside and sit down and actually observe… [My professor] Gene always says, “if you’re not willing to sit down with it for three hours, don’t draw it. Cuz you’re gonna get bored.” And he’s right, because you really need to take the time to explore how the plant or bug or any other animal functions before you can really understand how to draw it. Because with different flowers, the stem comes out different ways and each thing is individualistic, it’s really unique, and it’s important to get that correct in the drawing. It’s really necessary to our major. We need to know how things connect, how they go together. I mean if you’re just drawing a picture of it and you’re not making it accurate, what’s the point of scientific illustration?” ~ Taylor Harrell, UGA Scientific Illustration major

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