Humans of UGACR

Having a passion for something is wonderful. But what’s even better is sharing that same passion with others. During the month of May, I spent numerous hours sharing my creative space with the UGACR Advanced Spanish and Photodocumentary Maymester program.

Let me start with this: I could have easily confused my workspace with that of a bustling news room. Not only were the students’ pieces constantly expanding, undergoing edits and reshoots, but also the students themselves maintained an amount of motivation and energy throughout the course that could be applauded. Better yet, as their interviews and stories came together, capturing the inexplicable inner beauty of the people who make UGACR the unforgettable community that it is, it became clear that their final products would wonderfully reflect the goals of the Humans of UGACR project.

Thanks to the students’ inventive spirits, Humans of UGACR has grown a little more. Enjoy today’s addition!

Video contribution by Katherine Green, UGACR Maymester student
Blog contribution by Alex Fylypovych, UGACR Photojournalism Intern

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