Spotted: Oriole Snake

Calling all snake lovers! This week’s wildlife sighting will especially pertain to your sssenses.

Spilotes pullatus is endemic to Central America and parts of South America. Though the snake is slender and thin in width, it is capable of growing up to over 2.5 meters or 8.5 feet in length. For its distinctive black and gold coloring and striped pattern, the snake is also commonly known as the Tiger Rat Snake. The name is a bit misleading, however, because this type of snake typically feeds on birds.

A bit camera shy, perhaps? Well, when curled up in an S-shape, this juvenile oriole snake is actually signaling that it is preparing to strike. Not to worry, this snake is nonvenomous and no one was bitten!

Blog post contribution by Bilan Haji-Mohamed, UGACR Photojournalism Intern

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