Humans of UGACR, San Luis: Mario Pérez & Official Site

As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of UGA Costa Rica (UGACR) offering education abroad programs, what better way to reflect on the great decade than to speak with those who have been at the UGACR campus since day one. We spoke to San Luis native Mario Pérez. With his infectious smile and caring nature, Mario is truly an essential part of the hardworking team that is Mantenimiento, or Maintenance.

As of September 10, 2015, I have worked here for 10 years. I still love getting up each and every morning and coming to work with these guys.

The UGACR  campus has become the standout facility it is thanks to the support of Mario and the rest of the staff who work tirelessly day to day to keep the campus functioning and flourishing.

Students of the 2015 Maymester Creative Writing and Photodocumentary study abroad program decided to go behind the scenes and interview members of the UGACR and greater San Luis community. With stories ranging from life lessons as told by a Leitón dynasty matriarch to a feature on a younger generation of aspiring filmmakers, the project gives a glimpse into the world of the incredible humans of UGACR in San Luis de Monteverde.

Humans of UGACR

View at

Blog post contribution by Bilan Haji-Mohamed, UGACR Photojournalism Intern

One thought on “Humans of UGACR, San Luis: Mario Pérez & Official Site

  1. Mario was my dad when I studied abroad there summer 2014. He was so sweet to me and very caring. He always gave me a hug and was willing to do anything for anybody.

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