#YouinUGACR: Top 5 Reasons to Visit UGA Costa Rica



1. El Sentido de San Luis: Be a part of a small, tight-knit community you’ll quickly call home.

“If you’re looking for nightclubs, hotels, beaches, and the quintessential tourist experience, this may not be the place for you. If you’re willing to get off the beaten path and immerse yourself into a community, head down to UGA Costa Rica and experience the beauty of the San Luis Valley and its people.” – Alex Wright, Former Naturalist


2. Aprender el español: A comfortable environment to learn one of the world’s most popular languages.


3. The world at your fingertips: Interact with people from all over the world. From tourists to students, interns to researchers, UGA Costa Rica is bustling with people and multilingual conversation.




4. From day to night: Between the calls of capuchins and the serenade of songbirds, you are immersed in a vivid sensory experience as soon as you wake up. Enjoy the fresh fruit selection, traditional gallo pinto, and locally grown coffee before getting ready to take on the day!

“It’s a chance to allow yourself to be consumed by the beauty of nature and Costa Rican culture. A freeing experience. ”   – Jorden Wade

5. Opportunities for all: Whether you’re interested in visiting as a tourist, student, or volunteer, UGA Costa Rica offers exciting educational activities 365 days a year.


Blog post contribution by Bilan Haji-Mohamed, UGACR Photojournalism Intern

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