Research Spotlight Video: Water Quality with Darixa Hernandez

As you’ve read before on the blog, UGA Costa Rica hosts an ongoing research project focused on water quality, currently led by graduate student Darixa Hernandez. Recently Hernandez traveled from the streams of Monteverde to the Gulf of Nicoya to gather water samples from the Lagarto, Guacimal and Aranjuez watersheds.

UGA Costa Rica’s resident naturalists assisted Hernandez with a week’s worth of sampling, utilizing the unique opportunity to help with various research projects in addition to their work guiding educational tours. For this project the group gathered macroinvertebrates and water samples to monitor three watersheds along the Bellbird Biological Corridor. Back in the lab, Hernandez expects these samples to reveal the differences in water quality from the protected headwaters of upper elevations compared to those in coastal areas, where human activity impacts the environment more because of agriculture and development.

I tagged along with Darixa, her assistants and head naturalist Martha Garro Cruz to create this video about the research conducted through UGA Costa Rica as part of its aim in educating visitors about environmental conservation.


160922_REE_UGACR_WaterQuality_0076      160922_REE_UGACR_WaterQuality_0231



Photos, video and blog post by Rachel Eubanks

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