Del bosque al laboratorio// From the forest to the Lab

Este video es un apoyo audiovisual al artículo anteriormente escrito acerca de la investigación de escarabajos coprófagos realizada recientemente aquí en UGA Costa Rica. Se documenta el proceso desde el trabajo de campo hasta el resultado final, colección física de referencia de escarabajos coprófagos del área de San Luis. Para leer más acerca de la investigación visite

Estudiando la diversidad de los escarabajos rueda caca en UGACR


This video is to support a previously written article about recent dung beetle research done here at UGA Costa Rica. It documents the process from the field work to the final results, a dung beetle physical reference collection of the San Luis area. For more information about the research visit the link below

Studying the dung beetle diversity in UGACR


Mariela Vásquez González pasante de fotoperiodismo// photojournalist Intern

Independence Day: Talk Like a Tico

With approximately 470 million speakers worldwide, or 6.7% of the world’s population, Spanish is the second most popular language in the world after Mandarin Chinese according to a study done by the Spanish language nonprofit Instituto Cervantes. Though the more formal, classroom Spanish is understood throughout the entire country, Costa Rica is known for its distinct colloquialisms, the most famous of which being Pura Vida.

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On Friday, students, professors, and interns valiantly took to the Citrus-O-Rama challenge. Six juicy plates of sliced limones oozed piquant and tangy scents, taunting onlookers to take a bite. After dealing with the initial shock to the taste buds and undoing pinched and puckered faces, “contestants” flipped over cards that revealed which sour (and one sweet!) fruit they had ingested. The represented limones included: limón mandarina, limón dulce, limón mecino, limón naranja, and limón criollo.

Watch this clip of participants tasting the limones while attempting to show no reaction to the sour explosion happening in their mouths. What good sports! Felicitaciones!

Blog post and video contribution by Alex Fylypovych, UGA Costa Rica Photojournalism Intern

Students Design Stormwater Plans

The EPA’s Campus RainWorks Challenge invites students to design plans for the management of storm water on their campuses. UGA students studying here this fall have analyzed the sites around campus and planned new and exciting additions to our stormwater management system.

Soon, we will have a video complete with the students’ final designs as part of their submission to the contest, but for now, take at sneak peak at what they’ve been up to!